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We have over 60 years' experience, modern kennels, with clean and comfortable surroundings set in eight acres of woodlands.

We have dedicated staff who work year round to care for both your and our animals, we are open seven days including bank holidays. Dog accessories are also available at reception and we can now offer a microchipping service to safeguard your pet.

Why choose us?

To this day our staff are still dedicated and committed to the ongoing care of the dogs both in Boarding and in need. Here are a few recent pictures of our staff giving their all to keep the dogs searching for their new homes content and happy whilst here, also our boarding cats and dogs treated as if they were our own:

Here is Alf Glascoe seen with a lion cub.

Alf here is seen holding two kittens with RSPCA Inspector Nurse.

Alf and Sallys daughter Maureen is seen here brushing a Jack russel terrier.

Here is a picture of Sally Glascoe and Winifred Bains seen centre with two kennel maids Georgina and Sandra.

Aswell as taking care of dogs and cats Alf and Sally seen to the right of the picture often found an array of differnet animals dumped at the bottom of the drive. Chickens, goats, Rabbits and boxes of kittens.

Here is a picture of Alf and Sally Glascoe.

The founders of Viking Oak Kennels

History of Viking Oak Kennels & Animal Sanctuary in Sevenoaks, Kent

Mr and Mrs Glascoe moved to our current location in 1959, to the little-known Broom Cottage which later became Viking Oak. They were accompanied by their daughter Maureen, a Pekingese called Peke and Sue a Border Collie.

Not long after, they were approached by RSPCA Inspector Alex King about the possibility of perhaps saving abandoned dogs and cats, as they had at the time, enough land to accomodate them. It simply snowballed from there!

Saving badly neglected dogs and cats, nursing them back to health until they could be rehomed, was financed out of their own pockets. No funding was then available, hence they started boarding dogs and cats to fund the forever spiralling costs of unwanted pets until they could be placed in to new homes.

Still in the family’s hands after 60 plus years and now in the fourth generation, priding themselves on their boarding facilities and still saving poor abandoned strays, because the situation for them, hasn't really improved even now.

Boarding now heavily finances the strays we receive, allowing us to give them veterinary help, nourishment and utter love and devotion from the staff until placed into their forever homes.

Please see pictures below for a brief historical snap-shot of Viking Oak Kennels:

Our Kennels

All our kennels are large and heated to ensure our dogs comfort all year round. The kennels also have individual runs attached which are covered and weatherproof. We also have a well-stocked food preparation room to cater for the majority of dogs and a good selection is also carried for the boarding cats.